Slather is a three part series of short, high-fantasy films that take you into the wild mind of visionary trans artist Love Bailey. The films are an autobiographical retelling of Bailey’s collapse at the hand of imposed binary standards, the re-uniting with her ex-showgirl grandmother Betty, and a subsequent rise from the ashes as a new entity called Master Slather.

Director and Cinematographer Elias Tahan translates Love’s dripping-wet, rock and roll aesthetic onto the screen with vibrant color and texture, blurring the lines of esoterical art-house, nouveau musical, queer narrative, and cult classic.

Slather is the first film series made by Savage Ranch, a queer community in Temecula focused on creating safe spaces for queer and transgendered youth by utilizing the power of radical self acceptance and art to create a home for people outside the confines of binary structure.

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Director, Elias Tahan
Art Director, Love Bailey
Choreographer, Ryan Heffington
  • Directed by - Elias Tahan
  • Produced by - Clarinet Marmalade
  • Art Direction by - Love Bailey
  • Choreography by - Ryan Heffington