In the Shadows of the Rainbow

When a 19 year old New York club kid reunites with her estranged family on an isolated marijuana farm in the late ’80’s, a sudden tragedy reveals the bleak truth behind the hippy paradise she left as a child.

A thrilling ride through the colorful and contrasting worlds of 90‘s New York neon-grunge, and a holistic off-the-grid Northern Californian pot growing commune, ‘In the Shadows of the Rainbow’ is a fantastical, multi-generational coming-of-age film following the intertwining experiences of a rural community. 

In The Shadows of the Rainbow takes an in-depth look at a complex and flawed subgroup living on the fringe of civilization, using fantasy to explore psychology, a la ‘Winter’s Bone’, but with magical realism.

A dreamy visual pallet, rich in metaphor and reminiscent of Terrence Malick, draws on nostalgia and existential longing as the film crosses barriers of time and place; propelled by suspense, blood, and intrigue. 

  • Directed by - Blaise Godbe Lipman
  • Produced by - Clarinet Marmalade
  • Cinematography by - Michal Englert