Blaise Godbe Lipman


Blaise Godbe Lipman is a filmmaker, producer, and actor, having played memorable characters on television shows ranging from The Office, Weeds, CSI, Hawaii 5-0, to numerous Disney programs, Lifetime movies, and acclaimed festival dramas: Nobody Walks, (Magnolia Pictures, Sundance 2012), Somewhere Slow (Cinequest 2013), Afterglow (Cannes 2010), The Prettiest Girl (co-directed by Catharine Hardwicke), and The Dark Place (Shoreline Entertainment, 2014). 

In his own work, Lipman is influenced by the natural world and the exploration of cosmic realms, striving to combine art and psychedelic activism to awaken and inspire. His short films have played and won festivals all over the world, including Summit, directed by Medeni Griffiths which won Best Film at the UK Film Festival, Best Short at the London Film Festival, and was one of twelve films selected for the New Films/New Directors Festival, playing at both the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. In 2013, Another Stupid Day premiered and won at the Carmel Art and film Festival.

In 2015 Lipman produced the pilot for The Brothers Phillips, a half hour comedy starring SNL’s Horatio Sanz, currently being set up at network. Lipman’s naturalistic musical feature The Amateur is closing Dances With Films Festival in summer 2015, for which he is nominated for Best Producer. The film’s cast is made up of notable recording artists playing themselves and featuring their original music, including Dave Krusen of Pearl Jam and Bill Reynolds of indie hit maker Band of Horses. 

Lipman’s most recent film, Dreaming Awake & the Exquisite Doors of the Fractal Self is an esoteric interpretation of a psychedelic experience. This nonlinear short explores the complexity of ego identity as we follow a sixteen year old runaway on her first acid trip. It premieres late 2015. 

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